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10 Reasons to Travel with Scenic Horizon Tours

1. Pre-payments for day tours are not required 
To keep it simple and do business the old fashioned way, we prefer to take payment for day tours on the day.  It takes the hassle out of arranging pre-payment and in the case of illness and cancellation, you may not be required to pay, depending the terms and conditions of the attraction. Remember – day tours are popular so you still have to book prior to the day!

2. We’re local 
Local is important.  We are part of your community and have lived and worked on the Central Coast for the majority of our lives. We like contributing to the local area and want to continue to service the area as this is where our family is also. As an added bonus, many of the people you meet on our tours are local also so social catch-ups after touring and making new friends is part of the experience.  You would be surprised to know how many people we see around town socialising who originally met on one of our tours. 
3. You are part of our coach community
That’s right; once you’ve travelled with us you are welcomed as part of the extended Scenic Horizon Tours family. We are family operated business with Darrel being our sole coach driver and Kerrie hosting on tours and running the office. 

4. We experience all attractions as a group 
The way we plan our tours means that we travel together as a group and experience each attraction together. Both Darrel and Kerrie travel on all tours to allow for both a male and female member of staff to be on call.  Our family business allows us to work together as well as share our extensive tour experience with you.   

5. Over 40 years’ experience in touring
Yes, you read that right.  Darrel is an experienced driver, having driven coaches for over 40 years and travelling right across Australia within that time. Not only does that ensure your safety when touring with Scenic Horizons Tours, it also means you will receive plenty of information and interesting commentary along the way. 

6. Full commentary on all tours
Why do you travel?  For an adventure of course! To explore, to uncover and to discover new things.  With guaranteed full commentary available on all tours you can expect to walk away with all those thing plus a story to share with your friends.  

7. Comprehensive complimentary morning teas 
As part of the tour experience, we like make sure your morning tea is special.  Our tours feature a delicious morning tea with a selection and variety of treats that are all part of the service Scenic Horizon Tours provides.  

8. Fully transparent itineraries 
All our itineraries are transparent and you will know what to expect from your tour before it departs. The tours inclusions are listed at the end of each itinerary and if you have any questions or concerns about what is included, please just ask.  

9. First class transportation
Our Mercedes Benz was built in Brisbane to our specifications to ensure we have a vehicle that is perfectly suited to our passengers and our travelling needs. We have two access doors for quick and easy boarding and disembarking along with seatbelts for safety and a toilet for comfort. For those that need it, we also have a hearing aid loop system and to make sure morning tea is perfect, we have a built-in fridge and hot water urn.

10. Safety
In addition to seat belts, to ensure the safety of our passengers, we have a satellite phone with us at all times should we be out of phone service while on the road. If the worst should happen, we have a portable defibrillator on the coach. 

To find out more or to book a tour, just ask us! 

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